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Halloween or Nah

Halloween or Nah

By Lauren Packer 


Around this time, there is always a controversial debate on participating in Halloween. Parents from every direction really wrestle with the decision of having their children participate in this day known as the Devil’s birthday. But the real question is: Do children really know what this day is about or are they just engaging in fun? As parents, is it realistic to have your child sit out of a fun day because of a belief? Do you really think that a child’s belief in Jesus or whatever religious figure will be taunted or affected by one day of dress up fun?

What are your thoughts? 

I am a mother of 2 young children (6 and 4)… We absolutely believe in Jesus, however, my hubs and myself allow them to participate in Halloween festivities. We do not let them walk around as zombies and ghosts, but they are allowed to dress up, go to parties, and trick or treat. We have set a strong foundation in them about Jesus Christ and so we don’t feel that they will be affected by one day. We do not decorate the house in Halloween décor, but we do Halloween inspired activities such as pumpkin carving, and even watching a kid friendly scary movie such as Monsters Inc. 

Now, for those of you who do not allow your children to participate in Halloween, what do you tell your children when they have Halloween inspired festivities at school? What do you do on Halloween night when trick or treaters come to your door? If your church has a festival on Halloween, do you allow your children to participate? How do you isolate your child from the materialism that has become of this holiday? 

My last question is: What is the difference in your child dressing up in a costume for Halloween and them playing dress up any other day?? Just something to think about peeps! Until next time.. 

Do you take your kids Trick or Treating? Do you believe participating in Halloween activities goes against Christian principles? Sound off in the comments! Oh, btw, don't forget to sign up for our weekly #LetterFromTheCurator and get a recap of all the latest content in or place! 

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