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Education Culture: Optimizing Your Child's Learning Potential

Education Culture: Optimizing Your Child's Learning Potential

By Lauren Packer



All across the country, learning is taking place. Somewhere in the U.S, children are learning math, science, reading, and everything in between. They are coloring, touching, tasting, singing, and everything else in between too. Our country, our world is full of learning. Learning is all around us….

As cliché as it sounds, learning is all around us, and I don’t know about you guys, but I am a big fan of learning. I love every aspect of it, especially teaching. With that said, this will be the first post in a mini series of posts about learning. I want to break it down in such a way that you all feel informed and inspired to learn and teach. You ready??? I AM!

What is Learning?

By definition, learning is defined as “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught. This is very true… everything we do in life is learned, it’s acquired… as children we learn a full spectrum of things, from abc’s to colors, and as we get older, we learn things that spark our interests. By result, this is how we choose careers and life paths. Learning defines behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.. it triggers our senses, it brings us to life. We are characterized by the things that we learn and reciprocate back to others.

Children and Learning

Children learn the same way that we do, except instead of all those big fancy words, I believe they learn through exploring, examples, and explaining…. Alliterations (ex: Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers.) makes learning sound way better lol… This is how children learn, they touch, feel, taste, mimic, and every once in a while you have children who listen… But for the most part, children love to be hands on and they remember things that create experiences for them.  

All children learn differently..

In my classroom, I have children who learn by music, children who learn by games, children who learn by stories.. they all learn in different ways. This is so important because there are so many parents and educators who think that learning is the same all across the board for children, and that is absolutely not so. The only tried and proven method of learning that reaches all children is repetition… teaching something over and over again. You might have a child who sits and listens attentively, but in that same breath, the child who is hanging upside down in their seat could be listening too. It is up to us as educators, and parents to foster the differences in our children and help them reach their potential.. their way!!



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