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FIT CULTURE: Fall into Fitness!

By: Zakia Webster


West Coast weather has been a bit strange LCP! Fall is starting off a little warmer than I’d like. But on the positive side it allows us to do more outdoor activities. SO YOU GOTTA LOVE IT! OH, YOU GOTTA LOVE IT! 

What do most people think about in the fall…Fall clothing, Holidays along with holiday parties and FOOD! Me I Think SUMMER READY! 

Lets transform that mindset shall we!.. 

Here are a few keep in shape outdoor activities to motivate you for the fall as the holidays approach us, take advantage of this beautiful weather. Step outside and inhale and exhale.


 5 Great Outdoor Fitness Activities



1.  Bike Riding- Great cardio, endurance builder. Find your favorite beach, lake or park


2. 5k and 10k Races- This is the season where you can find many fun races to keep up your endurance, have fun and keep you in good shape. Ex: zombie run, Spartan Run, Color Run

3. Hit the Trails- For my hikers and nature lovers, this is a time where we can hit our favorite trails before winter hits us, but if you’re a true Trailer “what is rain?”… West Coasters we have so many mountains and trails around us. Be sure to follow your safety tips before going for a hike, and never go alone!


4. Football/Basketball/Volleyball- Great season for intramural sports. Grab a group of guys and girls and run around the park or hit the sand beaches. High cardio activity. 

5.  Get Wet!- Seeing as though its still warm hot an outdoor pool, lake, river or beach. Have fun, grab the children and make this a family affair! Swimming works the full body. Grab a surf board and a paddle and lets learn how to paddle board!

Here are some great location ms that I love to visit m, on the West Coast! 

 Local Outdoor Community Workouts

 TGIM-  meet- Mondays @ 9am @ 9800 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232 

 Mt. Rubidoux Fit Club- meet Sundays @4:50PM @ Ryan Bonaminio Park 5000 Tequesequite Ave. Riverside, CA 92506 

Are you ready to get fit? Got any health&fitness questions? Get ahead of the game & get SUMMERTIME fine, NOW! You can thank me later! :)








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