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Fitness With Zakia

Often, the biggest excuse from my clients are time. Second is money. To me these are both reasons but not an excuse. Ask yourself these three questions " Is my health important ?". "Do you plan on being around for your family?" "Do you want to be a better you?".
If you answer yes to any of the above questions its time to GET ACTIVE! I read an article by Gina Wagner (March 2011) titled "23 Ways to Make Time for Fitness". She says this about those who have NO TIME for fitness; “Typically, it’s lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment, negative associations, fear or maybe low self esteem".
I will give you my top 10 ways on how you can jump start your body in order to Frontline your health.

10 Ways To Make Time For Health and Fitness
1. Make a Plan
    Write it down. Check your schedule for the day or the week. Enter it into your phone as a reminder or write it on your calendar. Visualize the Goal or the Activity. Check your schedule in the morning, and prep yourself for the day.
2. Replace TV/Social Media Time
    We spend many hours on the couch in front of the TV and on our devices. Replace 20-45 minutes of TV or social media time with an activity or an excercise. Even doing a workout during commercials will be effective.
3. Be Active
    Do some ball-crunches, planks, yoga poses, squats, lunges or pushups while you’re around the house or at the office. Keep fitness equipment, such as a kettlebell, resistance bands and a jump rope, near the TV or under your desk.  Mix in cardio intervals. Run in place or up and down the stairs; do some burpees or jumping jacks.
4. Money Saver
    We can make time for clothing and shoes and unneccesary buys. Going out to eat or frivolous spending. Set aside a budget for healthy lifestyle activities and food. You find that you will end up saving more money than you thought.
5. Meet up with Friends
    When your friends want to meet up with you instead of sitting at home on the phone or at a resturant or bar , meet up for a yoga class or cycling. Take a walk around the park or lake. Have fun with your meet ups! You just might encourage them to think about their health.
6. Family Time
    Schedule group activites for your family. Bike rides, hikes, basketball games e.t.c..The more you are active with your family the easier for them it will be to fall into the same habits that your creating.
7. Partner Up
    For some its easier to have a motivator or who i like to call accountability partner (AP). Grab a friend or find a buddy at the gym who will keep you on track and vice versa.
8. Rise and Grind
    Everyone isnt an early riser, but its said that the middle of the day tends to be the busiest, so we have less time. Start your day off with a 30 minute workout. Cardio is best. A run or walk or intense body workout. Gets your heart pumping and endorphins going. No need for Coffee!
9. Work and Wait
    Many times were taking our kids to sports activities or practices and going home or to run other errands. Take that time, throw your sneakers on and your headphones playing your favorite pump up jam and walk around the park or gym while they practice. Fit it in when you can.
10. Grocery Store Madness
    I love the grocery store. Grocery shopping excites me! Learn to prepare your foods at home. Prepare a home cooked healthy meal for just you or the family. They will appreciate you for it. Fruits, green veggies, complex carbs, lean meats. Snacks full of protein and high in fiber will give you energy through out the day. 80% of good health is what your body absorbs. This means healthy eating.

With these 10 ways to make time your bound to be successful on your healthy lifestyle journey. Think positive and invite good energy into your space. Remember NO EXCUSES! Ask yourself three questions as we went over earlier. Make the best decision for you. For questions or more advice contact Coach Kia
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