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Beyoncé's New 7/11 Video Gave Me Life :)

Hello World, 

So yesterday my best friend (Beyoncé) dropped off some new flavor into the galaxy and boy has it given me LIIIIIIFFEEEE!!!!! :) I don't know about yall, but the Beyhive was definitely getting a little thirsty for some new honey, and needed something fresh to buzz to. So I called her up a few weeks ago (yes, I'm still talking about Beyoncé) and I said "Aye yo Bey, what's good boo?" And she said "Hey Je'Don,  where you been? Long time no speak!" And I said, yeah I know girl, I've been real busy with my new blog, just trying to climb to the top of the blogasphere." And then she said "That's right girl, the top is the only place Beyhive's dwell!" And then I said " Yeah, I know Bey. But enough of the small talk I'm calling you with a message from the Beyhive. We need some new music, something new to sting to." And then she said "I got you J. I can always count on you to keep it 100 with me." And then I said "Always Bey. Always." And then she said "I'll hit your inbox with some new music in a few weeks. Be on the lookout." And then I said "Definitely Beyoncé, I'll tell the Behive." (LMAO!  :)

Here you go girls and boys, GET YOUR LIFE!!!!! P.s. Check me out in the far far far far back. Like, from some angles and in some scene's, you can't even see me.  


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