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My Impromptu Interview With A Vietnam War Vet

My Impromptu Interview With A Vietnam War Vet

A few days ago while on my lunch break at work, I ended up in the best circle of strangers!  :) The circle included myself, one Marine that served in Vietnam, one Navy Man whom served in Vietnam, and one man that didn't enlist or get drafted, because he was here in the States making the bombs and hand grenades to send over seas. 

It was quite the destined encounter, it started out just me and the Navy Man, he asked if he could join me for a seat in a mall lounging area. We start to shoot the breeze, and then Rex the Marine joins us for a seat. He asks us about a nearby Italian eatery, then he asks us is he sitting amongst any Veterans. The Navy Man reveals that he is indeed a Vet, in fact a Navy Man, and then Rex tells us his rank. They exchange "service" jokes and go back and forth about their duties to one another, and then joins the civilian. They pose the same question to him, "Are you a Vet?"and he replies- "I didn't enlist and I didn't get drafted, because I was here working, making bombs and hand grenades for you guys! "

We all had a hearty laugh, they exchanged salutations and thanked one another for their services to each other and their Country, and the circle dispersed. Leaving Rex and I to our impromptu interview. 

Please excuse me if I sound a little uninformed and ill prepared. I'm no military or history buff, so I didn't have the best questions resting at the forefront of my brain. However, I am learning better live interviewing tactics, with each impromptu opportunity. 

I thank and salute each and every person who was brave enough to serve our Country.  







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