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Stressed by The World? Spend Some Time With God!


Hello World, 

Ok so....over these last days I have been a bit stressed and overwhelmed.. And today in particular, I especially felt that way. Didn't even feel like posting today. That was until I stumbled upon this picture (heaven sent) and it put some thoughts into perspective for me.

Since embarking on the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge, my brain has been in overdrive. From constant Google searches, to checking emails, to browsing other bloggers sites, to checking page views and statistics, I have gone #BloggerCrazy! 

As refreshing as it is to finally feel like I'm really getting my wet in the blogasphere, and as rewarding as it is to be posting daily, I'm a little nerve wrecked. I've been in this craze for 10 days now, but surely a woman as tough as myself, can handle a little extra pressure. After all, this whole challenge is producing wonderful benefits and is growing my following by the day, so what else can it be? 

Could it be the other stresses and uncertainties of life? Am I PMS'ing, or am I neglecting some other aspect of my life, that helps my world spin-evenly? Aaah, yes, that's it!!!! With implementing all the new blogganista tactics I've learned in the past 10 days, I've been spending my free time differently, and also neglecting those small moments of spiritual intimacy with God. 

Without the peace that daily communion with my Heavenly Father and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ brings, I am a wreck! I need the peace that their presence brings, I need the infinite understanding that their instruction provides. All in all, I realize I must remain balanced in my life, spiritual life, home life, work life, and family life in order to feel...even. Or else, headaches, agitation, and feeling overwhelmed is what I have to look forward to. And that wont be good for me or my family..


Love. Live. Life. 



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