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Life. Culture. People. is a blog where a diversified spectrum of topics will be discussed. I do not want to box myself into any one category therefore I will not succumb to the pressures of defining a “niche”. A claustrophobic box that will in essence; corner my blog into tunnel vision! I’d like to think that I am an open-minded individual, with a broad sense of reality. I am not a judgmental person (“Judge not, lest ye be judged.”) and I’d like to explore this thing called life with you guys. I want to talk about everything, from the female role in various cultures and demographics, to the underground gangster rapper. I’d like to delve into world issues and societal views (from time to time J); to the poet and the ballerina.  I want to know the stories behind the painter and the musician; to the interesting homemaker with incredible morals and values. I want to learn about the life changing experiences others’ have encountered by traveling abroad. The guy imprisoned for armed robbery, to the guy wrongly accused and convicted of murder and/or other crimes. What are their stories? I want to know! I may not have the pleasure or resources to personally interview all these types of people. However, the beauty of technology will grant me the access to information and resources; via the internet and books, in lieu of direct communication. I am a free spirit, and I’d like to exercise my freedoms within my blog. Tightly controlled structure is off setting for me, and makes me feel trapped. So the concept of my audience being able to forecast/predict the criteria of my posts’ makes me feel just as confined. You can expect spontaneity, culture, spirituality, artistry, entertainment, and REAL RAW LIFE; from me.

When it comes to my craft (writing) I tend to be very anal, obsessive, and careful about what I release into the world. From daily doodles, to text messages, to Facebook updates; anything I write, I write with passion and great detail, purpose and pride. A tinge of undue pressure is applicable when this much purposeful intention goes into something… So imagine the pressures for perfection I have applied to myself, in preparation for this blog. I have been overly analytical, which in turn; has almost driven me insane! (LoL’z) I want so much for this blog, and I want it to consist of so many different dynamics, that my original idea was quickly morphing into a monster. The original idea of creating an organic extension of expression, was turning into a beautiful, timely impractical; dream of evolution.  

Here’s a dose of honesty for you guys… Quite frankly, going public and committing to starting this blog is the scariest thing I’ve ever done! Although equally thrilling and exciting, I am coequally terrified of this responsibility. Maybe it’s fear of failure.. Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown.. Maybe it’s the aspect of finally facing the world as a writer, and taking ownership of my capabilities. This is a very vulnerable dimension to dwell in. Wide open for criticism and ridicule, or just the opposite…raved reviews, admiration and appreciation. Nonetheless, frightening! However, I must own this place of residence, live here, and take full advantage of this podium. I have a voice, and rather beautiful thoughts that I’d like to share with the world. So, IT’S TIME!

It’s time to stop holding back on myself, and my gifts. It’s time to work hard and play even harder. It’s time for evolution, growth, and prosperity. Time for me to start imprinting on the literary world!

You guys can consider this introduction to my site; a first post. Albeit not a very beefy, object-oriented, angled analysis of any person place or thing… However, you will walk away with clear insight on what to expect from Life. Culture. People.


 Welcome World!

Je`Don Holloway-Talley

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