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Happy Mother's Day Mommy! 😘


Dear Mommy,

After 30 years on this earth I am now convinced that my Mom is truly one of a kind (and I mean that in sooooooo many different ways)! From your sense of humor, to the way you walk & talk, you are your own kind! Thanks for being the kind of mom that can take a joke and one that has a pretty good grasp of the realities that surround your kids. You understand the world we live in and you know the growing pains, experiences, and life lessons that we must go through in order to become who we are supposed to be.

You are a Mom that gives completely unbiased, non judgmental advise, and you never look at any of us differently, for the choices we choose to make. Instead you choose to nurture, encourage, and revitalize us with your abundance of "been there done that" stories. (Gotta love those!)

You started implanting all the tools and traits a lady is supposed to posses in me at a very young age. Because of you, no one at a nail shop, hair shop, or any shop, could ever get anything over on me. I was a girl who knew what she wanted, and how she wanted it, and you taught me to always accept nothing less. My no nonsense attributes were custom designed by your DNA, and the older I get, the more your genetics overpower me lol! So I guess it's great that I don't mind..

You are incredibly strong.... Starting my own motherhood journey has shown me that motherhood is a process of evolution. Even the greatest mom's become the "Greats" through learning experiences, and life, and one day I hope that I can learn to save money like you lol! It's bazaar that you are not rich, have no extra income...yet you BALL!! And always has extra's for me, my baby, and the rest of your brood... ABSOLUTELY ASTONNISHING! ;)

Thank you for being a phenomenal Grand Mother. You are beyond amazing with my baby, and I know that there's NOTHING in the world that you won't do for Suga's baby!

I hope this Mother's Day was a good one, and one year I am going to be able to give you the stars and the moon on this blessed occasion!  #TurnUpToTheMax

......How many kids (grown kids) get to actually turn up with their mom's? #IDo!

Thanks for all that you do mommy, and thanks for choosing to have me (inside joke) lol!

Love ya lot's,







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