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Life. Culture. People. Beyoncé 7/11 Parody

On set foolery! 

On set foolery! 

PowerHouse Productions Proudly Presents: A Life. Culture. People. Parody!!!

This is the second promotional production project that my partner ( Phaye Kemp ) and I have successfully completed, and we are thrilled about all the plans that PowerHouse Productions and Life. Culture. People. have in store for 2015! ;) 

Prepare to become more intimate with the many creative facets that total my being. Prepare for the subject matter to get harder and go deeper. Prepare for more cultural enrichment. Prepare for more performing Arts. Prepare to learn my voice... Prepare to learn who I am.  Prepare...for my emergence!!

Happy New Year Everyone, and may 2015 be prosperous and fulfilling to us all, God Bless!  

Love. Live. Life.  

Je'Don Holloway-Talley








Spring Up. Spring Forth. Spring into Action!

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