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Sometimes I wish I could wake up, decide which direction to set the jet in,
And ride,
In a G5
Or a Porsche,
Lamborghini, baby Benz or a Lexo,
It doesn't matter to me,
As long as when I'm ready to escape reality,
And float away to place of floral, aquatic peace,
I have the means,
A mean ass bank account,
And an ill ass savings
A savings for my baby, & a savings for the "just in case",
Homes like those on the reality shows,
And p.o. Boxes full of love,
Fashions and makeup treats,
GoGo Gadget foreign cars,
Good credit, and AMX black cards,
I want it all!
Glamorous occasions,
Met Ball Gala's and benefit banquets,
I'm hungry,
My stomach is burning,
This Inexplicable churning,
Has me hurting,
I'm ready to eat,
No, fuck that,
I'm ready to feast!
I can smell the aroma of success in the air,
I can taste the delicacy of victory, upon the tip of my tongue...,
Thick like honey,
Strong like Rum,
The Hunger pains hit and stretch to the small of my back,
Strong like labor pains,
I'm yearning,
To birth my greatness into the world,
The rookie work, the baby steps, the small scale of things,
It's all...really beginning to bore me,
I just want to finish this body of work,
But my fingers just won't type fast enough,
The lines, the words, the verbs,
Just Won't conjugate quick enough,
My brain, slow to regurgitate,
My inner most thoughts and feelings,
And so, the frustration begins to rise like bile,
Surely there are people who are busier than I,
With more obstacles on their plates and things that stand in their way,
But I'm ready,
Oh so ready...
To outrun these haters,
Jump these hurdles and overrule my adversaries,
To experience that Parisian and Grecian shit,
Historic museums and the pyramids of Giza,
And shit...,
I wanna be famous,
No fuck that,
Just rich,
And maybe well known, and world renowned..
No fuck that,
I want it all!
Except the paparazzi and tabloid fodder,
You can keep that!
I want my name to ring bells,
Perks and benefits that flip the script,
No vacancies to penthouse suits,
Nose bleeds',to sky box seats,
All the sweets,
Like goody Grammy grab bags,
And 1000 thread, Egyptian cotton,
Louis Vuitton sheets,
Christian Louboutin leathers,
Wallets and bags,
Stashes of cash,
Passes and places for the homeless and the hopeless,
Trophies, plaques, and accolades,
Inscribed with my name,
A legacy,
A territory,
One that's rightfully owned and EARNED,
I'm so...

"The Wonder Years"