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Inhale in thru my nose, exhale through my soul,
I thumb through my fingers, then wiggle and count each of my toes,
Perfect vision,
I use my eyes and take in the sights,
Observation; Gods' creation,
Splendid majestic  blended hues, paint the sky, as does each objective and purposeful intention,
Positioned perfectly, and in harmony they light the sky,
Something's cooking,
The aroma of breakfast foods, waft through the air towards my room,
Sense of smell,
I roll over and get out of bed, stretch my arms high to the sky,
I thank him,
One foot behind the other, I'm in motion
Active limbs,
I am afresh..anew, a perfect sight,
My husband, my precious son,
The other two components that complete my trio',
We touch, we kiss, embrace, exchange good-mornings,
I relish, I am enthralled by them,
Once again, I thank him,
My Heavenly Father, for finding it fit to, awake to, the beauty of another morning,
One more chance to step closer to my destiny,
Another occasion for the affection of my husbands pure pleasurable touch,
One more chance to make love,
One more chance to hear my baby's voice,
One more chance to treasure my days,
One more chance to enjoy my life ,
Father my deepest gratitude pours out to you and your precious son, for your love, grace, and mercy;
In Jesus's name,

Je'Don Holloway