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TGIT-Scandal• My Mid Season Recap!




Season 4 opened with a beautiful oceanside view, a lounging Olivia Pope (in a fabulous snow white one piece swimsuit), and a glistening Jake emerging from the sea. And there they were, "standing in the sun" together, basking in the scene we'd waited all summer long to see. Jake joined Liv on her beach chase, and steamed up the scene! His hands began playing hide and go seek with the cameras and Olivia 's panty line, as he asked her one hot question.."Do you want me to stop?" Heeeell No! (We were all thinking it; I just said it! *wink*). And just as they always do, they cut to commercial, right as she and Jake's kiss intensified. 

The 1st episode went on to reveal all the aftermath of last seasons drama. Mama Pope is dead (supposedly). Harrison's death was confirmed. Huck tried to dull his new Gladiator-less reality by pretending to be Randy, an instore electronics technician. Abby, aka "Red" is the new Olivia Pope to the white house. Only thing is, she'll never hold the same status as Olivia, even while holding Olivia's position. This along w/other resentments has made their relationship less than personable. David Rosan rises to power. Uses the evil B613 files to get himself some power, but feels guilty and accountable for a suicide that his black mailing caused. Quinn kept her marbles, and has seemingly gotten even stronger&smarter. She is the one who located Liv and alerted her of Harrison's demise. Daddy Pope is still trying to keep all of his evil concealed. The President remains a strong "monument" as he continues to run the country, while grieving. Mellie turns into Smellie and Drunken Mellie and binges on fried chicken, potato chips, and bourbon all day. Cyrus continues to cope with losing his husband, all the while being the Presidents top advisor. His loneliness allowed him to fall into a trap. He is getting deeper involved with a male prostitute. But very professional prostitute, might I add. 

Olivia and Jake return to the States to make funeral arrangements for the fallen Gladiator, and inadvertently get sucked back into the many scandals of Washington.  Liv goes through some minor adjustments as she tries to acclimate to a functioning white house, without the weapon of the infamous "Olivia Pope gut". Before long, she begins to crave her power. Watching the news made her miss it all the more, and the chances of she and Jake returning back to their love island became bleak. 

As Liv tried to regain some normalcy in Washington, she reached out to her dad. Not in the emotional loving way a daughter would normally look to her father for comfort. Instead, a rather unemotional, distant encounter took place on Daddy Pope's front doorstep. This led to him reading her like a genius psychologist and a dinner invite. This of course tugged at the few heartstrings she has for her father, and she agreed. He extended the invitation to Jake as well. 

Harrison's funeral takes place, and at the end of the memorial (while enveloping Liv into his embrace) Jake spots "Command". This piques his B613 instincts and he starts digging. #BadChoice! Eventually, he agrees to have dinner with the Pope's, but with secret intent to confront Daddy Pope on his findings. The sabbotage to the white house campaign, Harrison and Adnan's death. As well as the 1st kid, then blamed it all on Mama Pope. I'm sure I probably left a thing or two out, but that was the gist of the confrontation (that took place when Liv stepped away from the table). This put a hit out on Jakes head!

As the plot unfolds, Liv becomes "The Olivia Pope" again, and takes on a few cases. Jake decidedly switches up the program and moves into a hotel, since Liv is going back to her career and still won't commit. So he starts to treat her like he feels she treats him. Like a booty call. Olivia resents his sentiments and tries to get her way, using her usual tactics;  but Jake stays strong. This along with Liv being Olivia again causes a disconnect in their communication. She's now again too busy for quick convo's, always has to run away at the call of duty. Jake is once again left hanging. 

Jake disappears and it takes Olivia days to figure it out. However, her gut starts to kick in, and she starts digging. Jake's is being held underground at the Pentagon, undergoing questioning for the murder of the 1st kid. Fitz is under the influence of Command and his judgement remains clouded. They're trying to illicit a confession from Jake for the murder, but of course that's not going to happen. Liv starts having nightmares and "Red" aka Abby bares witness to one. She then over steps her boundaries and asks Fitz where Jake is, that day while delivering news to the Oval Office. It pisses Mr. Monument off, but it works, because Fitz shows up at Liv's place with evidence later that night that supports the allegations against Jake. It doesn't matter though, she doesn't buy it. She has a few more nightmares and throws a few more tantrums, in a few more scenes, then she gets her wish. She sees Jake, and her gut is confirmed. He's innocent! She fires her female "weapons" and saves Jake's life. With the utterance of two little words to Mr. President "there's hope" she guarantees Jake a fair trial. 

☆Observation- I noticed an intense shift in Olivia's feelings and emotions for Jake in the scene in the interrogation room/Jake's holding cell. It seems as though her feelings have finally sprouted for Jake and now surpass those for Fitz. She and Fitz's relationship is too soiled and muddy. Too much has happened,  and now there's no way he can ever walk away from Mellie with a clear conscience. Nor could Liv be with him with a clear conscience. 

I don't know about yall, but I'm ready for tonight's episode! ;) I'm #TeamJake! and #DeathToDaddyPope!

Who are you rooting for?!? Find any any holes in my recap? Catch any details that I left out? FEEL FREE TO ADD ON! What's your take on this season so far?






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