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Day 3 of #BlogLikeCrazy!

Day 3 of #BlogLikeCrazy!

Hello World,

Haaaaappy Mondaaaaay!!!! :) I awoke today dancing to a whole new beat!  I'm so excited about embarking on this 30 day challenge, that I stayed up real late last night jotting ideas and enhancing the esthetics of my website. With some of my new findings&additions, I can foresee some radical changes in traffic in the near future! :)

However, my excitement and new findings are not what today's post is about, so I'll switch gears a bit.

      High Heels....Friends or Foes??
How to Wear High Heels Painlessly

Blame it on the happy go lucky mood I woke up in, or the beautiful fall weather we've shifted into. Whatever it is that I owe my glee to, had me opt for a cute pair of high heeled boots for work this morning, instead of  flats. I work retail and its no easy feat, standing in and moving about quickly, in high heels for 8 hours a day. I usually summon my inner diva and take on the task of working in heels at least once a week. (I do that on days that I'm extra snatched and extra beat! :) LoLz. But let's face it, it's short lived, overrated, and you pay for it big time in the end! Super sore feet, blisters, back pain, you name it. I'm no stranger to high heels, I absolutely love them!  Nothing makes me feel more feminine, and powerful, then conquering a day in some fly heels. BUT IT HURTS LIKE HELL! (LoLz) When I look to the likes of celebrity women, it seems like second nature to them. Like they don't suffer in them after a few hours, like I do. Makes me wonder what their secret is..

Yeah, Beyoncé makes it look effortless, and So does Kim Kardashian and her sisters. Beyoncé was once reported to have walked an entire theme park in 6 inches. Kim Kardashian pounds the pavements of huge airports, from terminal to terminal in her 6 inches, so surely we can go a couple hours. At least that's the pep talk I give myself, before I go to war with the floor!  LoLz

Anyway, while I was at work and approached my 5th hour in my boots, I truly began to wonder just how they and other celestial beings alike, actually DO withstand the pressure in their knees, and balls of their feet, aaaaaaaall day? Do they truly not feel the pain, or are their bodies just trained to endure and ignore? Is there a golden handbook that explains it all, that I've never come across,  or is it all up to the will of the chick?

So, I took to Google for the answer, and I actually found a few good articles and some great tips. Check out the link and discover the hidden diva secret and see: 'How Wear High Heels Painlessly'


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