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Owning Up




Hello World, I fell off the wagon for a moment... The #BlogLikeCrazy wagon to be exact. The wagon of bloggers all striving toward one common goal.. To blog like crazy for the entire month of November! The objective is to post a new blog everyday... And while I have done pretty well thus far, I have missed a few days. This makes me feel a bit guilty, like I'm cheating on my challenge. So today I decided to own up to myself, and admit to myself, that I have gotten a little off course. But I also need to own the fact that I am also very hard on myself, and often fail to give myself, enough credit. Yeah, I took the weekend off (from posting), but you better know that I eat, sleep, and breathe, Life. Culture. People. There is always some fiber of my being, continually engrossed in L.C.P. each and every day. 

As awesome a task as posting everyday can be, it can become quite consuming and tough to manage. I am brand new to the blogging world, and this experience has begun to show me the real ropes of the blogasphere. And I have begun to learn, that the blogasphere waits for no one! Lol

So what does that mean for Life. Culture. People.? 

☆We will get STRONGER!

☆We will get FASTER!

☆We are becoming WISER, everyday!











Taking a selfie break while writing. 

Taking a selfie break while writing. 

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